• TOT Christmas Album

    To get in the Christmas spirit, Ten Out of Tenn is giving away their Christmas album. All proceeds are going to some great local Nashville nonprofits. Download it for FREE on Noisetrade here.

  • New Trent Dabbs Single

    Trent Dabbs released a new single today off of his upcoming solo record (out early 2015). Get it exclusively on iTunes here and be sure to listen for it on tonight's episode of Nashville.

  • Pre-Order Elenowen's New Record

    Elenowe's new album "For The Taking" is available for pre-order now! Only $7.99 and your purchase will get you an instant download of the BRAND NEW singles "Place from Where I Fell" + "Losing the Lonely". Pre-order here.

  • Elenowen on Nashville

    Set your DVRS, y'all! Elenowen will be performing their new single "Half A Mile" on Nashville December 3rd. Episode airs at 10/9c! Don't miss it!

    UPDATE: Watch the episode online here.